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The New Standard In Cryptomining

The ICETOKEN is a block chain derivative based on an operational cryptocurrency mining facility currently located in the UK. As a true believer of a decentralized economy IceToken gives anyone the opportunity to be a stakeholder and be a part of the crypto movement and benefit simply by purchasing the exclusive and limited ICETOKEN.

The purpose of the initial coin offering is to raise capital for the expansion and re-location of our UK mining operation to a proposed 3MW (mega watt) facility in Grundarhverfi Iceland. This transition will not only be cost effective, it will also reduce the business carbon footprint using completely renewable energy resources which provides 100% of Iceland's energy sources making it one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly mining facilities in the world.

Power of Icetoken

The Mining That Pays

Icetoken has been actively mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and Zcash in the UK since early 2016. Icetoken utilizes the latest ASIC Miners and GPU Mining rigs in conjunction with our bespoke mining software programmed to mine the most profitable cryptocurrencies.

Investors should understand Icetoken holds master nodes in various POS (Proof Of Stake) cryptocurrencies including Dash, Vitae, Pivx creating a diversified portfolio safeguarding investors against cryptocurrency price volatility.


Our Offer

By purchasing ICETOKEN, you acquire a share (stake) In the project and start earning profit in Ethereum according to the percentage of the share ownership.

Monthly payouts of minimum 5% + Annual dividend payment.

First payment made on the 1st April 2019 paid out from existing mining revenue generated from our UK mining operation.

ROI Calculator

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Expected Return on Investment after 36 months

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*ROI Calculation based on several BTC price scenarios , by default it is based on BTC price of $6000USD and Mining Hashrate Difficulty of 6,389,316,883,511.96000 dated 20.08.2018

Payment Method

Token Distribution

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IceToken Articles

POW versus POS

There are lots of ways to make money: You can earn it, find it, or counterfeit it. Or, if you are Satoshi Nakamoto, you can create it. In November 2008, a mysterious entity going with the persona “Satoshi Nakamoto” published a research paper outlining his design for a new digital currency that he called bitcoin.

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All About Cryptocurrency

The word cryptocurrency money represents an encoded advanced cash that can be transmitted and approved through a particular procedure by and large alluded to as mining. We will additionally explore how cryptocurrency forms of money really work and what sorts of digital currencies there are.

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Crypto Waves

Crypto comes and goes in waves. One moment crypto is in boom and in another a bubble. There are lots of people who look at cryptocurrency from one perspective only and that is money making. They’d invest because it sounds exciting and what sounds exciting is sure to make any human insane especially when it gives out crazy numbers like 3500USD per bitcoin or 6000USD per bitcoin.

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Icetoken Roadmap

August, 2019

Pre ICO Seed Round

Lead by Private Investors 200K

Crowdsale Launch Whitepaper Release

September, 2019

Crowdsale Starts - Token Distribution

October, 2019

First Payout minimum

Grundarhverfi Facility prepared for mining operations

5% Paid in Ether via smart contract

Hardware Purchase

November, 2019

Second Payout minimum 5% paid in Ether via smart contract

Transfer of UK mining operation to Grundarhverfi Iceland

Meet Our Team Members

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Graham Dyson

member img

Nicola Kaye

Project Director
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Einar Johannesson

Business Development Director
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Gavin Ellis

Senior Software Developer and Blockchain Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

It's the interest in cryptographic money mining at ideal effectiveness and sharing of the yield even without the issue of doing it without anyone's help. It's a superior arrangement than "cloud" mining, more productive than most mining pools, and more steady than purchasing digital money by large. In spite of ongoing choppiness in cryptographic money markets, mining done through ICETOKEN can be exceptionally beneficial.
No, it is not. ICETOKEN Community Members contribute to building and maintaining ICETOKEN by acquiring Icetokens during the Crowdsale. This is how you can secure for yourself a share in ICETOKEN output.
ICETOKEN will mine cryptocurrency, starting with bitcoin (BTC), in a large facility containing ASIC Miners while taking all the necessary safety and security measures and using ultra-low-cost electricity.